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Q&A 29: Galilean Sights and American AKs

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Questions for today’s Q&A, as always, come from my Patrons, who are noted for their classy good looks and excellent taste. Specifically:

00:22 – First Polish purchase for a C&R licensee
04:00 – What’s the deal with the black powder .50 BMG Hotchkiss revolving cannon reproductions?
05:35 – Tarja or Floor?
05:54 – Where to start doing primary-source research?
07:54 – Does the depiction of guns in movies and video games help or hurt the community?
09:18 – Forgotten Weapons on Amazon Prime
10:20 – What are the next books coming from Headstamp Publishing

12:21 – Carbine conversion kits
16:12 – What load out for the trenches of WW1?
17:37 – Are black powder cartridges like modern cartridges?
19:16 – Was the Kropatschek really an improvement on the Gras in a practical sense?
22:58 – Interarms/Mauser Luger – is there a Swiss connection?
(recommended book:

26:59 – What is my next book project?
28:28 – How about a French pistols book?
30:14 – Is my wrist ready to sign 3,000 books?
30:25 – What does my book presale success say about the future of publishing?
31:39 – What are the top 3 fun and interesting open-bolt SMGs?
33:42 – Expert status and imposter syndrome
35:58 – Favorite thing I learns while writing my book?
38:16 – Has anyone adapted the AK to short stroke piston or DI?
39:04 – Would Germany have been better off with the G98 in 5x57mm?
40:26 – Deigning my own firearms; lessons from handing old guns
41:28 – Why you should not buy a machine gun
44:34 – Galilean optical sights in WW1
47:09 – Government property marks on guns
48:55 – Why so few vintage suppressors for sale?
51:30 – Night sights in WW1
53:00 – Why are American AKs so awful?
56:25 – What load out for Desert Brutality 2020?
59:42 – What gun am I current looking for?

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