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Q&A 30: ACRs, Besas, and Czechoslovakia

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Another month, another Q&A!

00:24 – Why did the British adopted the Besa?
03:51 – Reproduction French WW1 uniforms

04:54 – Could the Magpul Masada/ACR worked as a replacement AR upper?
08:02 – Why are auto-ejecting magazines not popular?
11:03 – What smaller countries have impressive small arms development?
13:50 – En-bloc clips – pros? Cons? History?
18:21 – Smaller/faster cartridges in future handguns?
20:14 – How is group size measured?
24:03 – Guns with added ballast just to control recoil?
26:04 – Guns that fire open-bolt in full auto and closed-bolt on semi
29:17 – Future of the SIG 550 series in the US?
31:51 – Will there be an ebook version of Chassepot to FAMAS?
33:31 – Would the Dreyse have been good in the US Civil War?
34:19 – Memorably surprising auction prices
36:10 – How did I hurt myself on an EM2?
37:25 – Most advanced arms that could have been made ca. 1900?
40:06 – Thoughts on the Daewoo K2
41:29 – French trials of the Madsen LMG
42:01 – Lefty-friendly rifles and pistols
43:26 – British 4.85mm
(The Last Enfield:

44:55 – Lunch at Rock Island Auction Co
46:27 – What weapon for fighting Franco in 1936?
49:12 – What are the most interesting firearm locking and operating systems?
49:50 – What “Forgotten Weapon” do I want to see back in production?

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