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Q&A #38: Short-recoil SMGs and Kimber Model 1907 .45s

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00:45 – Rifles with 3-dot pistol style sights?
01:56 – Why not more short-barreled machine guns, if barrel length doesn’t impact accuracy?
03:53 – Is bolt/carrier mass important in a roller delayed system?
04:45 – How do I maintain my gun collection?
06:01 – Recoil reduction in rifles
07:20 – If the Savage .45 had been adopted, would we have Kimber 1907s today?
09:16 – What would today’s Sten gun look like?
10:53 – What are my hobbies outside guns and whiskey?
12:26 – Gun lubricant recommendations
13:57 – Were US servicemen in WW2 allowed to carry non-regulation sidearms?
15:15 – What non-firearm weapons have I studied?
16:28 – What are the best deals in the NFA market today?
19:54 – Do I plan cannon videos in advance or just film them at moments of availability?
21:38 – Guns I would refuse to film?
23:32 – What does a proof mark really mean?
25:16 – Etymology of “carbine” in a post-horse military world?
26:32 – M1 Carbine improvements, and the 5.7 Spitfire cartridge
29:50 – Can SMGs really fire when dropped, like in True Lies?
32:16 – Why not more bullpup SMGs?
33:57 – Unusual magazine types
37:21 – 3D printing of guns today by major companies
39:10 – Weird mechanisms I have not yet filmed
40:16 – Mag-fed vs belt-fed squad automatic weapons today
41:35 – Could the AR-10 have won its US trials if Stoner had more development time?
43:49 – Thoughts on the Ruger 57 pistol
44:51 – Why did England use the Webley revolver for so long?
45:58 – Why are so many modern AKs in 7.62×39 and not 5.45mm?
46:51 – How do more modern firearms effect troop training?
49:08 – English-language resource on 7.62x39mm cartridge development
50:00 – Century .308 conversion of the MAS 49-56
51:33 – Bullpup shotguns
52:31 – Any successful short recoil SMGs?

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