Reasons Why Ketanji Brown Jackson Is More Than Likely Anti 2A

Ketanji Brown Jackson 2A

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s race is a superficial accolade compared to what matters when nominating a Supreme court judge. I don’t care if you were the first muppet baby on the Supreme Court; my question is, how are you going to protect the inherent principles of the constitution and, more specifically, how are you going to protect our rights under the Second Amendment.

Jackson was asked about the Second Amendment during her nomination hearing, and her answers weren’t exactly comforting.

I want you to ask yourself this one question:

What do you think she would say if they asked her if she believed women have a fundamental right to vote?

Do you think she would say, “The Supreme Court has established that women have a fundamental right to vote”?

No! she would say YES, the same way she said yes when she was asked about the First Amendment:

Senator Chuck Grassley didn’t ask her what the Supreme Court thought.

He explicitly asked her what SHE thought, and she deflected to what the Supreme Court said, and there is only one reason I believe she would do that, she doesn’t believe the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right.

She had no problem saying a simple yes to what was a loaded question about the 1st Amendment. Still, she can’t even acknowledge on a personal level that she believes the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right.

But we haven’t even got to the biggest irony about this.

But when you look deeper, she’s overwhelmingly supported by the anti-gun lobby like Everytown and The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun violence.

Look, I could be wrong, but Joe Biden is one of if not the most anti-2A presidents in history, and he’s the one who nominated Jackson.

For the record, back when George W. Bush was president and Biden was a Senator, Bush wanted to Nominate Janice Rogers Brown, a black female conservative, to the Supreme court Biden threatened to filibuster her nomination.

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