REVIEW: CZ Shadow 2-A Great Competition Pistol Right Out of the Box?

Competition Pistols for certain shooting sports can be a breed apart:

What may make a pistol great for home defense, LE/Military use, or concealed carry may not translate well to a pure competition pistol, and vice versa.  Competition pistols can run into the multiple thousands of dollars.  For those starting out in the sport, such cost can be daunting.  Sure, a stock Glock 17 or CZ75 can get one pretty far into these sports before the need or (let’s be honest here) desire for the “next level” of equipment comes to pass.  If one has the inclination to look for a pistol designed specifically for competition shooting in the USPSA or IPSC style of competitions, a certain set of features is desirable. If this author were looking for one, these are some traits he would look for:

Comfortable grip and easy to manipulate controls Reliability Affordable, easily found magazines Common caliber Better…

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