Review: The Sig P238

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It passes the Wife Test and every woman who sees it wants it. It’s the Sig Sauer P238 with an engraved rose gold slide and accents in .380 ACP caliber. I guess that makes it a girl’s gun but it’s only one of the 20 or so models of the 238 offered by Sig with one sure to appeal to almost any consumer. What’s the Wife Test? When I receive a handgun touted as suitable for women’s self defense I hand it to my wife and ask her to check it out. If she can’t run the slide, lock it to the rear, manipulate the controls and manage the trigger it’s probably not suitable. I have several other test subjects as well, like the gals in the office and ProShop at Gunsite. If the women say it’s good to go I take their word for…

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