You are currently viewing Rivera’s Shocking Revelation: Affirmative Action Shaped My Career

Rivera’s Shocking Revelation: Affirmative Action Shaped My Career

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Geraldo Rivera, Fox News veteran, has lit the affirmative action debate on fire with his parting bombshell. Rivera, stepping off the stage, admitted he was a product of affirmative action. Over fifty years ago, his career got a leg up due to racial preferences. The irony here, folks, is that his confession comes right after the Supreme Court decided that race-based preferences in university admissions were unfair. That’s right, the highest court in the land said ‘No more.’ It’s about time we judge individuals on merit, not race. Justice Thomas drove this point home: Individuals should be defined by their experiences and achievements, not the barriers they face due to race. This ruling, coupled with Rivera’s confession, is a wake-up call for America. It’s time we questioned the legitimacy of practices like affirmative action that undermine the principles of equality and meritocracy.

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