Ruger’s New 3? SP101 in .327 Fed Magnum

Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced another expansion of its popular SP101 line of revolvers. The new gun has a 3″ barrel and is chambered for the .327 Federal Magnum cartridge. In a way, it is a return to the past.

When the .327 Federal Magnum cartridge was announced in 2007, Ruger was ready to go with a 3.06″ barreled SP101 revolver. When the gun disappeared from the company’s catalog, I took that as a bad sign for the cartridge’s long term success.

A few years ago, Ruger brought to the cartridge back to the SP101 line, though with a longer barrel and target style sights. That gun has a 4.2″ barrel, which is a bit of an oddity in a line of small framed wheelguns that often have barrels running between 2″-3″.

One of the main advantages of the .327 Magnum is that it has a narrower profile than the…

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