Russia’s Big Bore Bullpup

Over the past few months more information has emerged on one of Russia’s most interesting firearms – a big bore close quarters assault rifle. The Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) designed ASh-12 (or ShAK-12 according to a recent Jane’s article) is a bullpup chambered in a huge 12.7х55mm round.

Allegedly designed at the request of the FSB and adopted in 2011, information on this unusual rifle has be scant. Despite unofficial photos periodically appearing online little was known about the ASh-12 until recently. Developed to be a ‘man-stopper’ for the FSB’s elite counter-terrorist units the weapon fires a range of specialist ammunition. It weighs 5.2 kg unloaded and feeds from single stack 10 or 20 round magazines and comes with a range of sound suppressors. The rifle has rails for accessory mounting along with a folding front backup sight and a railed carry handle for mounting optics. The ASh-12 also has…

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