[SHOT 2018] Dark Storm Industries 50 State Compliant Rifle and Bear Flag Defense Loader

Dark Storm is continuing down the path of making AR15s available for those in the less fortunate states such as California and New York. To fuel this endeavor the company is working with the California company Bear Flag Defense in introducing the companies polymer ejection port magazine loader that is used to load 10 rounds of 5.56x45mm into a state compliant rifle with a pinned magazine. Understand that the loader is only meant and designed to push rounds into the magazine and is then removed from the rifle for shooting. It is not at all meant to be fired from, which would actually be impossible in the first place. Dark Storm is also bringing in a number of pistol caliber carbines but many of these have been around for a while.

The importance of Dark Storm’s system is that the magazine is permanently attached to the AR15 via a

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