[SHOT 2018] Hands On with FightLite’s MCR Lightweight Belt-Fed, Raider Pistol

At the 2018 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, Florida gunmaker FightLite Industries, best known for their SCR “ban state” lower receiver that allows “compliant” rifles to be made using AR-15 components. FightLite also is the manufacturer of the MCR upper receiver, a conversion kit that transforms an AR-15 into a belt-fed light machine gun.

The MCR light machine gun upper has been available in a number of different forms for years. Initially marketed under the name “ARES Shrike”, the MCR is an improved version of the original Shrike. The basic design of the weapon is similar to the AR-15, but inverted and coupled with an MG-42/MAG/M60 style top cover design to facilitate belt feeding.

Like the AR-15, the MCR uses a multilug rotary bolt, long round bolt carrier, and the AR-15 buffer from the original lower receiver. Unlike an AR-15, however, the bolt carrier “key” is rotated 90

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