[SHOT 2018] KRISS USA’s Latest Products for 2018

The Kriss Vector has drawn quite the following with its sci-fi appearance as a gun that looks like it belongs in World War 4. The Kriss Super V recoil mitigation system technology has also attracted many to the platform. The Vector also gained great popularity as a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) due to its use of venerable Glock magazines. This year Kriss has released many new accessories and upgrades to compliment their current Vector offerings.

The Gen 2 SBR adds the new folding stock and the new modular rail to the Vector. While folding into a tight package for compact storage, this folding stock provides for easy transportation of the SBR. 

This is the new 2018 GEN 2 SBR equipped with the new folding stock and Vector Modular Rail.

Simply press the button on top of the stock to unlock the stock and fold for easy storage.

  The stock

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