[SHOT 2018] Lithgow Atrax IN PRODUCTION in USA Now

Good news for bullpup fanatics: The Lithgow F90, Australia’s improved version of the AUG, is in production in the USA right now under the name “Atrax”. Representatives of Dasan USA, the stateside manufacturer/importer, said that major components of the Atrax, including the barrel, were already being produced in their facilities within the country, to allow production weapons to comply with US import laws. Dasan Representatives said that the technical data package for the US-made components was transferred to the US from Australia, so each component made in the States adheres exactly to Lithgow’s methods and standards for that component.

Both rifles at the Dasan booth were mostly made in the USA (with some imported parts), in Duluth, Georgia.

Interestingly, the Atrax does not have a conventional rifle receiver. The large cast aluminum element of the AUG which served this function was entirely eliminated on the F90 series,

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