[SHOT 2018] Lithgow’s PRS Challenger: The LA105 Woomera

In the Legacy Sports International booth at the 2018 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, Australian company Lithgow Arms brought out their precision rifle series dark horse, the LA105 Woomera. Based on the excellent Lithgow LA102 bolt action rifle platform, the LA105 features a custom American chassis from Kinetic Research Group. With a polymer exterior, the rifle combines the rigidity of an aluminum chassis with the good thermal characteristics of a polymer stock (read: your skin doesn’t stick to it in cold weather).

The LA105 is a highly accurate, highly ergonomic rifle that made it trivial to slam clays at a couple hundred meters on Range Day.

The LA105 is based on Lithgow’s existing LA102 rifle, but is mated with a US made Kinetic Research Group chassis (which is itself based on the KRG X-Ray), and uses a heavy precision contour barrel with a large muzzle brake. Most importantly, thanks

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