[SHOT 2018] MakSnipe 12 Gauge Slugs and Ammunition from Lithuania

A Lithuanian company called MakSnipe brought to the SHOT Show 2018 their line of 12 gauge slugs which they are going to launch in the US market. The company plans to offer loaded ammunition as well as the slugs separately. Their 12 gauge ammunition comes loaded with Baschieri & Pellagri powders and in Fiocchi hulls. All MakSnipe slugs are lead-free and have steel and polymer construction. Let’s take a quick look at the slugs this company makes.

MakSlug Mk 2

Weighing slightly over 1 oz (30 grams or 461 grain) this slug is designed to provide an increased accuracy. The plastic base stays with the main metal part during the flight of the slug and works as a stabilizing measure shifting the center of mass to the nose of the slug. The Mk2 slug can be shot both from rifled and smoothbore barrels.

MakSlug Light Hunt, Power Hunt and Chief 2

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