Should Armed Teachers Be Required to Have Extra Training? Question of the Day:

Yesterday, I posted a video from Trevor Noah where he shot down the idea that violent video games cause violence. Copy that. At the end of the video (below), he points out that Florida’s School Marshall program requires 144 hours of training, a background check and drug testing for teachers who wish to tool-up in defense of innocent life. Here’s the relevant bit . . .

[embedded content]

Trevor’s point: if all those pre-requisites are desirable for armed teachers, why not all armed Americans? Before you answer that (something about “shall not be infringed”), consider this . . .

After Newtown, TTAG ran a school shooting simulation. We were trying to find out if an average gun guy or gal could mount an effective defense against a spree killer. The answer? Yes. Yes they can. Click here for the anecdotal data. And check out our

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