South Korea’s Million Dollar Toilet Themed Home

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Have you ever loved something so much, you’ve wanted to dedicate your life to it? We’re talking making everything you own themed after it, and even making sure your career is in the same field! Maybe it’s cars, planes, or even boats! Heck, we know for some of you out there it may be something like video games, or maybe even your favorite Marvel comic books or movies! Nothing wrong with that! But… for one man… that thing was toilets. Yes. You heard that right. As in latrines. Potties. The Loo’. In fact, he was so passionate about John’s… that he modeled his home after the aforementioned porcelain goddess, and spent $1.1 million dollars on the project. Inside is more luxurious than you would expect, and furthermore, the home is now a one of a kind museum that houses not only tons of toilet themed sculptures, but also some incredible artwork, fun information to read about staying sanitary, and oh so much more. So. What’s the story here? Who is this gentleman, what does he do, and just what got him so interested in waste management. We’ve got all your answers and more right here in today’s video, from just what got the owner so interested in all things latrine, and we’ll definitely be including the insane price for spending the night in the Toilet House. We’re pretty sure that once you hear it, you’ll think that only The Richest are gonna be coughing up this kind of dough!

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: AJ Varela

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Who Built it?
01:30 The Price
02:31 What are the specs?
03:33 A one night stay costs… WHAT?
04:16 Exhibits”

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The Richest

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