Spin That Springfield: A Look at Exhibition Rifle Drill

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Exhibition rifle drill is a relatively new sport, starting to becoming popular in the 1970s and 1980s among JROTC and ROTC drill competitions. Today it occupies a vast amount of programs across the United States and continues to expand every year from the High School to the collegiate and even professional level. In this episode we link up with some of the top tier performers part of a civilian drill team called New Guard America. The team is a collection of hardcore drillers, many of whom have been drilling since they entered double digits in age. Whether traveling across the country or across the world, the team has thrilled audiences at numerous opportunities.

The demilled 1903A3 Springfield rifles they use are outfitted with special stocks that can withstand the brunt of the damage that drilling with them is required. This includes accidental drops from aerials many meters high in the air and the occasional injury to team members. What also sets the team apart is the use of bayonets on their 1903s. In practice, they have dummy versions mounted on their rifles but during live performances, they have actual Springfield bayonets attached. 

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