Stryker Enterprises FN SCAR Stock

Stryker Enterprises is a manufacturer of accessories for the FN Herstal SCAR platform, all made in the USA.

With inspiration from the FN Mk20 buttstock for their S.O.B.A. design, the S.O.B.A. (SCAR Optimized Buttstock Assembly) provides more cheek rest and length of pull adjustment for shooters who want to customize their stock for different shooting positions. The S.O.B.A. will be available in black or FDE.

Before you ask, this stock will not work for AR15 or AR10s.

Above you can see a picture of the real thing, and below various pictures of the drawings.

You can check the FN Mk20 here as a reference, as well as the picture below. This is “The One” everyone keeps asking when FN Herstal will release for public sale. I guess the reply is never, but here’s where Stryker steps in as an alternative.

FN Mk20. “The original”

At least the Stryker…

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