TFB’s INNOVATORS FRIDAY: Greg Latka And GSL Technology Suppressors

More than 30 years ago, Greg Latka, the founder of GSL Technology, decided to switch gears from a focus primarily on the aerospace industry towards following his passion – designing and building suppressors and other firearm parts. Ever since then, Latka and GSL engineered and manufactured some of the most popular silencer models sold in U.S. history, putting quiet combinations in the hands of tens of thousands of shooters across the country. If you’ve ever been to a stocking FFL/SOT NFA dealer, chances are you’ve seen or even held a GSL build.

So why is it that many of you have probably never heard GSL Technology? We’ll get to that part in a minute.

GSL Technology – Woodland

A little-known secret within the silencer industry is that some manufacturers don’t make all their parts in-house. In fact, a few manufacturers (and we aren’t talking about small operations) don’t produce a single end cap,

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