The German Police orders hundreds of SIG Sauer MCX Rifles

Good news for SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. in Eckernförde, Germany.

According to the a large German State Police Force has ordered several hundred MCX rifles. The HK MP5 is getting old(er) and need replacing. 9 millimeters are also out, the 5,56 is in.

Competition from Heckler & Koch and potentially other supplier must be fierce, so it must be a great win for SIG Sauer, especially as the German Army is also looking for new rifles and the competitor Haenel are said to have troubles getting their rifles to work with the desired ammunition.

As TFB has reported multiple times now, many German Police Forces are updating their firearms and equipment to be able to respond to new threats. This is controversial, as many politicians think that the Police should not be equipped like the Military.

SIG Sauer already equipped the London Metropolitan Police but this is the…

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