The HK433: Up Close and Personal at [AUSA 2017]

At the 2017 Association of the United States Army annual meeting, Heckler & Koch brought out a weapon much talked-about but not seen on a US show floor until now: The HK433 rifle. Designed on the heels of the G36 controversy and intended to add a modern, inexpensive modular rifle to the Heckler & Koch lineup, the HK433 melds the features of the HK416 and G36 together into a single platform. From the G36, it takes its basic operating mechanism, polymer lower receiver, and basic disassembly procedure, while from the HK416, it takes the AR-15-compatible magwell, barrel design, aluminum receiver construction, and AR-15 fire control group.

Speaking with Heckler & Koch representatives, TFB learned several detals about the new rifle that had not previously been published. First, the rifle, like the HK416, uses AR-15-compatible trigger elements, but these are assembled into a pack that drops into the receiver,…

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