The Insane Untold Story Of The Real Wolf Of Wall Street

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This is the untold story of the real wolf of Wall Street. A man who stole Billions of US dollars over the course of decades rising to the top of the investing world, and this is how the FBI finally brought him to justice.

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Bernie Madoff executed the largest Ponzi scheme in history. He defrauded thousands of Americans, stole tens of billions of dollars, and finally got what was coming to him: 150 years behind bars.

Forget Jordan Belfort – the real Wolf of Wall Street is now locked up, forced to pay a mandatory $170 billion fine. Yes, BILLION. Bernie Madoff’s goals were achievable, his strategy appeared legitimate, and he seemed like an all-round good guy. But behind closed doors, this Wall Street shark was swiping innocent people’s hard-earned cash, and dishing out nothing but lies in return — and he did so for over 17 years.

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