The Most Expensive Things Bought By Basketball Players

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NBA Basketball players are known for making salaries in the hundreds of millions of dollars! Some with a net worth even in the billions! So from incredible mansion, super cars, and private jets – this some of the most expensive things they’v ever bought!

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Pro basketball players, particularly those in the NBA, wake up each and every morning with one question on their mind: how should I spend my millions today?

These athletes rake in tens of millions of dollars per year just to set foot on the court! Throw in sponsorships, business ventures, investments, and endorsement deals, and this net worths skyrocket even further. They are NOT afraid to splash that cash. From million-dollar mansions to solid gold accessories, record-breaking hypercars, and a few more head-turning acquisitions (a la Dwight Howard), as you’re about to see, ballers don’t hold back.

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