The new Elftmann Tactical Ultralight Aluminum Stock

The new Elftmann Tactical Ultralight Aluminum Stock was introduced at SHOT Show.

I guess that by this time everyone is already familiar with the Elftmann’s triggers, and possibly their safety, but the minimalistic stock is brand new.

As an “early adopter” I was lucky to get my hands on one, and you can see what it looks like in the pictures below.

The drawback of being early is that it’s difficult to get a lot of experience with a product AND be one of the first to write a review which is supposed to include conclusions from that experience. It’s like when you’re looking for a job, and the employer is looking for someone who’s 20, has a lawyer’s degree and 10 year’s of working experience.

However, I think I have enough background and experience as a shooter and competitor to see where this kind of stock will shine.

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