These Countries Spend The Most Money On Their Military

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War. What is it good for? Apparently for many countries around the world, it’s good for a lot. Whether it is tanks, soldiers, or brand spankin’ new technology, there’s a lot that can be discussed when it comes to the military. And many of the superpowers around the globe care QUITE a lot about their militaries. And the proof is in just how much they are spending on their respective armed forces. Certainly well equipped personnel are important in a society, but the numbers we’re about to show you may just leave your jaw on the floor. After all, from 2019 to 2020… military spending was UP a massive and mind blowing 2.6% globally… to the tune of 2 TRILLION dollars. It is a lot of money, and with many of our contenders for the top spots, the plan is to invest even MORE money as time goes on. Basically what we are saying is, these countries could very well be allocating more and more and more money in the upcoming years… we may even have to do an updated video at some point, just to keep up! But let’s not talk about that right now. It’s time to look at what countries spend the most on their military, what that money is used for, and we’ll even try to give you an idea of why they spend that much– and then you can decide if you believe that the money is going to the right areas of the military!

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Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: Kristian Blaze

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00:00 Intro
00:40 The global budget
01:08 The US
02:44 China
04:49 India
06:12 Russia
07:14 UK
07:56 Bonus country!
08:20 Countries that have… NO BUDGET!?”

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