Top 7 Vitamins to Boost Immunity

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Is your immunity low? If you are always catching colds, flu, or feeling tired, your immunity is probably low. That means your defenses are weakened, and when it happens, viruses and bacteria can harm your immune system.

If that’s your case, this video was made for you! In today’s video, you will see the best vitamins to boost immunity.

The immune system is a set of cells whose function is to protect the body against unknown substances or microorganisms.

A balanced diet is essential to offer our body all the nutrients needed to help our defenses. And that’s where we get minerals and vitamins.

Many micronutrients are studied micronutrients by their immunological role, including:

This is the most important mineral for our immune system.

This mineral is highly antioxidant and also has immunological functions.

Quercetin is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals, preventing damage to DNA cells, which may avoid cancer.

Vitamin A
One of its properties is to modulate immunity. Did you know that?

Vitamin C
An important antioxidant nutrient, vitamin C is studied by its possible preventive and therapeutic role in respiratory tract diseases. You certainly know about that, right?

This mineral is essential for good absorption of vitamin C.

Vitamin D
Famous for its action in the bones, it also has an important role in the immune system.

This data highlight that a balanced, healthy diet improves the body’s resistance against infections and boosts immunity.

Of course, this is not immediate. This should be part of your routine and, if necessary, followed by a professional.

Elders should talk to a doctor or a nutritionist to get prescribed supplementation to boost their immune system, based on exams.

0:00 Vitamins to Boost Immunity
0:47 Zinc
1:04 Selenium
1:27 Quercetin
1:50 Vitamin A
2:11 Vitamin C
2:34 Copper
2:57 Vitamin D



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