Trump Returns on Fire as Biden Flames Out | The NEWSMAX Daily (07/10/24)

Today’s top headline news brief from NEWSMAX includes:
[2:38] – Former President Donald Trump offers Biden a chance to redeem his debate performance. [Newsmax Breaking]
[4:46] – Trump says Kamala Harris was given two jobs and failed at both. [Newsmax Breaking]
[7:12] – Jason Miller says Trump will surprise everyone with his VP pick. [Wake Up America]
[9:00] – Sebastian Gorka on the Trump campaign plan. [Wake Up America]
[12:24] – Donald Trump Jr: “Everyone who provided cover to Joe Biden must be held accountable.”
[14:29] – Newsmax host Joe Pinion: Biden perpetuated fraud against the United States of America. {Newsmax2]
[17:36] – Senator Joni Ernst: “Our adversaries are laughing at us.” [Chris Salcedo Show]

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