TTAG Daily Digest: Motor City Madness, Houstonian Warning, Washingtonian School Scare and More

NRA board member Ted Nugent pushes conspiracy theory that Parkland school shooting survivors are actors – All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. So in that sense, the Motor City Madman (and NRA Board Member) got it right, right? Otherwise . . .

“Nugent ‘liked a comment left below his article claiming that one of the students, David Hogg, ‘is a paid crisis actor’ who ‘has been at multiple shootings as a ‘survivor’.” With all this gun news I feel like a crisis actor. Crisis? What crisis? This one . . .

Houston-area school district threatens to suspend students who protest after Florida shooting – Right answer!

Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes on Tuesday threatened to suspend any student who disrupts schools or walks out to protest current gun laws.

In a letter sent to families and published on schools’ social media sites, Rhodes

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