TTAG Daily Digest: NRA ‘Terrorists’, More Colorado Moms and Guarding the Flock

The only reason we don’t have them is the NRA, and the politicians they have purchased in Washington – including President Trump.

Colorado chapters of Moms Demand Action gun control group nearly doubles in one month — More demanding moms in the Centennial State . . .

One organization in particular has seen its number of statewide chapters nearly double since the (Parkland) shooting, as Moms Demand Action — a national non-partisan organization that advocates for stronger laws and policies to reduce gun violence — has grown from just 12 Colorado chapters before the shooting to 21 in the following weeks.

“The Parkland shooting was just the last straw for a lot of people,” said group member Rita Marquez. “For me, it was Sandy Hook five years ago, but there is just shooting after shooting after shooting and no action politically from our politicians and people are sick

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