Ukraine Adopts New Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle the UR-10

Ukraine’s armed forces have adopted a new semi-automatic sniper rifle to replace the venerable SVD. Ukraine has announced the adoption of the Zbroyar Z-10, a semi-automatic 7.62×51mm sniper rifle, as the UR-10.  This means not only changing the weapon system but also the caliber itself.

Back in September Zbroyar director Sergey Gorban, speaking to, confirmed that he believed that the “Z-10 is considered to be a promising model for replacing the CIA [SVD], But I think this will not happen soon, the state is not ready for this.” It seems he was right, and the move seems to have come sooner than expected., a site that follows Ukrainian industry news, says the general adoption comes as Ukraine’s army looks to “step up the sniper component of our troops.”

Zbroyar Z-10 now adopted as the UR-10 (Zbroyar)

The UR-10 has been in testing for a number of years seeing action with the elite 79th

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