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Unseen Biden Video Mocks NY Times: Must-Watch.

Stop scrolling! We have some breaking news! A video has emerged showing President Biden stumbling on stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. The mainstream media has suppressed this video, despite it being a stark testament to the President’s failing health. Instead, the media continues to say he’s “sharp and fit.” This raises serious questions about our media’s transparency and the state of our nation’s leadership. Biden’s handlers reportedly schedule public events only between 12-4 P.M. on weekends, which raises concerns about his stamina and fulfilling the role as the leader of the nation. The media’s cover-up of Biden’s health issues is a threat to democracy and a betrayal of public trust. It’s crucial for the American people to seek out the truth for themselves. Dive deeper and get the whole story at our website. Tap the link in our bio.

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