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USDA Officially Sanctions Sale of Revolutionary Lab-Created Meats!

Now for the real news: the United States Department of Agriculture approved California companies Good Meat and Upside Foods for commercial sale of lab-grown chicken. The US is the second country to authorize such sales, following Singapore. However, two undisclosed proprietary ingredients raise concerns. Furthermore, high production costs may limit lab-grown meat’s supermarket presence. Environmental sustainability is also debated; a May study found lab-grown meat potentially worse for the environment than conventional meat. Yet, the companies argue their products offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional meat production, which contributes to deforestation and wildlife endangerment. The chicken, produced by incubating animal cells in steel tanks, costs more than $20 per pound. Two restaurants–San Francisco’s Bar Crenn and a Washington D.C. eatery–partnered with the companies to serve lab-grown food. That’s all I’ve got. Get the rest, tap the link in our bio.

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