[Video] 1974 Special Forces Foreign Weapons Demonstration

Grab a drink, and maybe some popcorn, and settle in for an hour long presentation on Soviet, ComBloc and other foreign weapons with former Marine and small arms expert Harold Johnson.

The footage shows a Special Forces Foreign Weapons demonstration at Fort Bragg from 1974 – a fun afternoon at the range. While the footage is a little fuzzy, the audio is clear and Johnson offers some fascinating contemporary insights.

Gunner Mark Shapiro fires a British L4, with a FN MAG and vz.58 in the background

Harold Johnson of the Foreign Science and Technology Center was also the author of the, once classified, ‘Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide – Eurasian Communist Countries’ published by the US Defence Intelligence Agency in 1968.

Johnson begins his presentation by explaining the Soviet tactical doctrine and the strategic approach they are likely to take in the event of war. He goes on to explain…

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