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WH Cocaine, Threads Censorship, China’s Gold Expansion on NewsBeat Interactive!

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Welcome to “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi”! Join host Gary Franchi as he brings you an hour of hard-hitting news and analysis that matters to the American people. In today’s live stream, we dive into the shocking scandal rocking the White House, as the Secret Service conducts a DNA analysis on a baggie of cocaine found in the West Wing. The integrity of those in power is under scrutiny, and the demand for transparency and accountability grows louder.

But that’s not all. We have an exclusive interview with former Secret Service agent Bobby McDonald, providing unique insights into the ongoing cocaine scandal. McDonald challenges the mainstream narrative, shedding new light on the investigation and potentially impacting the Biden administration.

We also delve into the fascinating account of Navy veteran and ace pilot Kevin Day, who reveals his chilling encounter with a UFO onboard the USS Nimitz. Witnessing objects defying physics and displaying extraordinary maneuverability, Day’s story raises profound questions about the mysteries of our skies.

Additionally, we examine the alarming trend of Americans turning to pawn shops amidst the inflation crisis. The surge in Google searches for “pawn shop near me” reflects the financial distress experienced by millions of Americans grappling with negative real wage growth and soaring credit card debt. This trend challenges the optimistic narrative of the Biden administration and highlights the urgent need for swift action.

And finally, we discuss the concerning silencing of conservative voices on Meta-owned Instagram’s new venture, Threads. This move highlights the growing power of big tech platforms in controlling the flow of information and stifling divergent views. We explore the battle for free speech online and the need for transparency and openness.

Join the conversation in the chat and share your thoughts on these important issues. Remember to visit our website for the full stories and thank our sponsor, “Noble Gold Investments,” at for supporting this program. Don’t miss out on the full hour of NewsBeat Interactive, where we deliver news that matters.


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