What $10 Million Dollars Buys You Around The World

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Welcome back, Richest fans! If you were to wake up one day and discover that your bank account has ballooned by $10 million, no-strings-attached cash, it would be a pretty great start to the day. But what sort of property should you splash that fortune on? Well, that’s our job today. We’ve selected a number of houses, mansions, and villas from across the world that are currently for sale. We’ll look at all their facts and features to compare how much you get for that $10 million in various nations.

Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you like surprises, we suggest you stop reading and watch the video multiple times. Firstly, we journey to New York in the United States! With one property that comes with a block of apartments for a bit of a money earner. There’s also a pricey penthouse within a luxury building! Next is Dubai, UAE. We have a penthouse with an infinity pool. Then, a massive mansion in an exclusive community. In Hong Kong, we have a property that provides stunning views. In London, England, we have one flat in a building designed by Sir David Adjaye. And then we have a house in one of the most expensive areas in London, Belgravia! Over in Barcelona Spain, we have an eco-friendly villa. Then, in Malaga, a massive, modern abode! Over in Killiney, Ireland, we have a historic Victorian-esque castle. We’ll then see a sprawling estate in Santiago, Chile! Finally, we’ll briefly explore one of the biggest private islands on the market.

Written by: Jordy McKen
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Santiago Ordonez

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00:00 Intro
00:37 New York, US
02:01 Dubai, UAE
03:19 Hong Kong
03:45 London, England
04:56 Spain
06:22 Killiney, Ireland
07:08 Santiago, Chile”

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