What $50 Million Dollars Buys You Around The World

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Imagine a world where I would offer you five hundred million dollars…but you have to spend fifty million before I give you the rest. What is the fastest way to drop that kinda cash? Well, obviously investing in real estate is the best way to go. There’s no way to drop tens of millions and have something to show for it quite like buying one of the nicest mansions on Earth. The Earth is offering plenty, believe me.

In Dubai, you can basically treat yourself like a king in perhaps the finest home ever built. Then there’s an Italian Villa that is everything you could ever want in that country. For the more simple life, you could get yourself a simple space in Montana with a huuuuuge ranch capable of supporting whatever cowboy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. Then there’s a modern masterpiece of a home in London that would make even the Royal Family jealous. You might feel like the Royal Family in a certain Chinese estate I know about. There’s also a place in Sydney that may or may not feature its own batcave. That’s right, I may have found you Batman’s Australian house. Then, of course, there’s a penthouse suite in New York that is practically a pop-art masterpiece. These are all located in the greatest cities the world has to offer. They offer plenty of history, nightlife, food and Legolands you could ever want.

So which of this homes do you want to move into? Let’s check them out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Nikita B.

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0:11 Dubai
1:24 Italy
2:42 Montana
3:48 Los Angeles
5:05 London
6:10 Bel Air (China)
7:22 Australia
8:33 New York”

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The Richest

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