What is Old, Is New: Graham Combat FAST Sight

Back in July Graham Combat released a video introducing the Graham Combat FAST sight system. Developed by Matthew Graham, a firearms trainer and former law enforcement officer, based in Washington state.

The Fast Acquisition Sight (FAST) claims to use ‘focal banding’ which Graham Combat claim to have discovered during their research & development programme. Graham Combat explain their ‘discovery’ on their website:

Current sighting systems work within focal planes: a front sight plane and a rear sight plane. The distance between the two has varied based upon the manufacturer and the length of the slide… The discovery of the focal band allowed us to move the rear sight forward along the length of the slide to a point where, physiologically, we perceive it to be in focus.

The concept is explained in more detail in a promo video released to introduce the new system:

[embedded content]

The video…

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