What The Most Expensive First Class Tickets Get You

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When it comes to air travel, most of us are used to the *ahem* comforts, of coach class. For a few of us, maybe with a bit of luck on your side with a fancy upgrade, you’ll get to travel in the much more spacious business class. But for the elite of the elite, there’s only one way to travel that is literally miles above the rest. We are talkin of course about First Class, and frankly, there’s nothing else like it. First class is the premiere way to travel through the air. The seats are comfier, the leg room more spacious, the service friendlier, and the price? Yeah. It’s A LOT more. But what EXACTLY do you get with the priciest of the pricy first class tickets? Do you really get more bang for your buck? After all, tickets in this tier can go for as much as $20,000 dollars… or more. ONE WAY. So, enough speculating. Just what can you get by paying that much for a plane ticket? Time for you to sit back, relax, and put that tray table up, and enjoy a pre-flight beverage (complimentary of course!) as we let you in on the truth behind the most expensive first class flights that are available… and what you’re getting for your money. We can assure you, it’s gonna be a really great flight, especially if you take a trip by buying a First Class ticket on the flights we’ve got on our list today.

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