What’s the Difference Between the Mk I Lee-Metford & the Mk I Lee-Enfield – Britishmuzzleloaders Explains

Britishmuzzleloaders is one of my favourite historical shooting youtube channels so I am always pleased to see a new video from Rob. In his latest he explains some of the differences between the MkI Lee-Enfield and the earlier MkI Lee-Metford. The Lee family of rifles would eventually evolve into the iconic ‘Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield’ or SMLE. But the SMLE’s 19th century fore-bearers are no less interesting.

Side by side of the MkI Lee-Metford and the later MkI Lee-Enfield (Britishmuzzleloaders)

Rob begins the video by explaining the history behind the major difference between the Lee-Metford and the Lee-Enfield – rifling. The adoption of a new smokeless cordite .303 round, in 1891, saw increased wear on the barrels using rifling developed by William Ellis Metford. As a result the British moved to a simpler, older style of rifling developed by the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield.

The video then very…

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