You are currently viewing Why Did David Hogg Pull Out of Gun Debate When He Found Out It’s Against Colion Noir?

Why Did David Hogg Pull Out of Gun Debate When He Found Out It’s Against Colion Noir?

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David Hogg vs Colion Noir Gun Debate

The gun debate in this country doesn’t happen because those who advocate for gun control never want to engage in an open and honest debate.

They use emotional tactics like traumatized, scared and highly impressionable Kids as Human shields to shut down debate that would expose the weaknesses in their agenda and avoid facing opposing arguments.

Recently, I was invited to an OFFICIAL debate on gun control and the Second Amendment with none other than David Hogg, a well-known gun-control activist.

You won’t believe what happened next! As soon as Hogg learned that I’d be who he was debating against, he backed out of the debate! Surprise, surprise!

But enough is enough. I want this debate to happen for the people.

We all deserve to hear both sides of the argument so we can make informed decisions about gun rights and gun violence.

I, too, am invested in finding solutions to gun violence ; this conversation needs to take place, not just for us, but for our communities.

So, I’m asking you all to refrain from harassment or name-calling, as that’s not productive. Instead, let’s unite and send this video to David Hogg with the hashtag #DebateColionNoir. It’s time for an honest and public discussion about guns in America.

Let’s stand up for our rights, for the truth, and for the future of our society. Together, we can make a difference.

Click that share button and let’s make this debate a reality!

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