Why Do I Have To Check If A Gun Is Loaded Even If I Just Saw Another Person Prove It Isn’t Loaded?

Firearm Safety

I recently came across this question.

“Why do I have to check if a gun is armed with bullets even if I just saw another person check the same firearm and prove that it isn’t armed?”

Well, because you don’t want to die.

No, but seriously.

Because you don’t want to die!

Let’s be honest. A lot of people don’t know how to clear a gun properly.

Even if you see someone properly clear a gun right in front of you, you should always, and I always mean, properly clear the gun yourself.

You want to make properly clearing a gun the moment it is in your hands so instinctive that you don’t even think about it.

You just do it like locking your door when you get out of your car.

Making this automatic will possibly save you a lot of grief.

I’ve heard stories of people failing to properly clear their guns, sending a round into a neighbor’s place, and then being charged with a crime.

That’s why you always, always, properly clear a gun yourself, no matter what, because it can end up saving your life or another person’s life.

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