Why I Hate ‘Democracy’ | Wilkow | Ep 259

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The Left likes to chant, “This is what democracy looks like.” But if democracy is defined by one-party rule installed by voter fraud, then Wilkow hates democracy. If democracy means flooding the country with every human being from the developing world and turning them into voters, then Wilkow hates democracy. If democracy means that elected officials simply grant themselves new powers after corrupting the electorate with promises of free stuff, then again … Wilkow HATES DEMOCRACY. You mean unelected judges making laws? Government bureaucrats and executives inventing their own powers? That’s democracy? The Left encouraging class warfare through the tax code? Or legalizing voter fraud and changing the laws in the middle of the process? If that’s what democracy looks like, Wilkow says he’ll take the republic. Every. Time. Later, Larry Elder joins Wilkow to talk about the recall election and what’s next for him (and if he plans to stay in California!) Plus, Wilkow talks with Ramona Bessinger – a middle school teacher in Providence, Rhode Island, who has been blowing the whistle on the critical race theory curriculum in her school … and now she’s being punished for it. WATCH more Wilkow: https://blazetv.com/wilkow

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Why I Hate ‘Democracy’ | Wilkow | Ep 259″

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