Why The Walther Q5 “Black Tie” is the Aston Martin DBS of The Gun World.

Walther Q5 Match SF Review

The Walther Q5 Steel Frame Black Tie is the Aston Martin DBS of the Gun World.

The DBS and Black Tie are an amalgamation of Refined yet Aggressive beauty, high functionality, ostentatious levels of luxury, and the price to boot.

Refined Aggression is the best way to describe the beauty of the DBS and the Black Tie.

The Black tie has no less than 16 slide cuts all on the front of the gun plus 20 slide serrations and an extended beaver tail so big it looks like they stole one of satans horns and put it on the back of the gun.

On paper, the specs read more like a jet fighter than it does one of the most beautiful and refined tactical race guns on the market.

The Black tie is such a desperately good-looking gun.

The Walther Q5 Steel Frame Black Tie is the gun James Bond should be shooting.

It fits him and is the gun version his car of choice, at least, I think so.

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