Why Vets DEFIED the Taliban in INSANE Rescue Mission | Tim Kennedy | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 116

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Tim Kennedy got a call about Afghanistan: “We have a few hundred orphan girls. They’re about to be executed. Can you come help us?” Without hesitation, he and three other special operations veterans were soon on the ground in Kabul saving lives. Tim joins Glenn to tell this incredible story, the truth about the Taliban and ISIS-K, what he saw at the Kabul airport on the day of the suicide bombings, and why “this is not how wars are won.” But that’s just the latest chapter of this real-life Captain America’s life. On top of Tim’s 17 years of military experience, he’s also a decorated MMA fighter, teaches self-defense, owns seven businesses, and loves Jesus, and Joe Rogan loves having him on his podcast. Tim and Glenn discuss all this, along with COVID-19, “fatphobia,” the struggle with China, and the future for women and girls in Afghanistan.

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