Wilson Combat “Gun Guys” Video Series with Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn

Wilson Combat launched a video series on their YouTube channel where Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn talk about guns and practical shooting. The series is called Gun Guys. What makes it especially valuable is that they share their experience and tell stories from the days when practical shooting was just becoming a thing and the part of the firearms industry supporting it was experimenting with different ideas and concepts.

In the first episode of Gun Guys video series, Ken Hackathorn tells about his first meeting with Jeff Cooper and his first steps in practical shooting. He also talks about the history of the establishment of IPSC and Gunsite Academy. Ken shares some curious stories from that days. Did you know how the power factor was measured back then or how the stages were built? OK, enough talking, let’s watch the first episode.

[embedded content]

It is really interesting to hear the stories telling about…

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