Winchester House: The Mansion With 10,000 Windows

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The creaking of footsteps from the floorboards above… and no one was ever in the house to begin with… Unseen hands tugging on the jackets of tourists… but when they turn around to see who was tugging on their jacket, no one is there… and even maintenance workers, who are completely transparent…. And are spotted by multiple visitors at the same time!! These are just a few of the incredibly spooky sightings and unexplained tales that have been reported at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. And hey, considering that when this stunning Victorian Style mansion was built in the late 19th century, the owner Sarah Pardee Winchester wanted to appease spirits who had fallen to the infamous Winchester rifle, we’re not surprised spooky apparitions are still seen to this day. She had worked on the house endlessly for years and years, until she passed away. And she put a FORTUNE into the home– after all, it was her husband that made the Winchester Rifles. So, is this rifle the reason there are all of these spooky sightings to this day? Or, maybe these ghosts just want to hang out in a $58 million dollar mansion! (Oh, did we mention this place cost $58 mill??) Honestly, we couldn’t tell ya! But if it turns out that the ghosts just wanted a nice place to haunt, after all the home has over 160 rooms… who can blame them!? We would want to spend the after life in a mansion too!

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: Andrew Gut

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00:00 Intro
00:49 What is Winchester Mystery House?
02:33 What’s inside??
03:36 Oh… and it’s… HAUNTED!
05:04 Ghost Hunters Visited!
05:36 Other creepy tales…
06:33 Go tour the house!
07:13 Final Fact”

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The Richest

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