World’s Most Epic Shredding Machines

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These epic shredders are used to destroy ferrari’s lambo’s, scraps, engine blocks, food, recycling and pretty much anything you can load in to these bad boys!

Welcome back, Richest fans! Powerful machines and epics feats of engineering have captured our imaginations for years. Many of us played with toy trucks, loaders, and machines when we were kids. Today, mega machines are even more impressive. There are giant shredders that can tear through metal, rocks, trees, food waste, and so much more. Today we are going to look at the most epic shredding machines in the world. These machines can be giant or even very tiny. Some are as big as a tanker ship while others can fit in your pocket. These shredders can shred just about anything you can think of. Some are affordable but others are incredibly expensive.

Now, for the spoiler paragraph. If you don’t want to know what’s in the video, we suggest you go and watch it straight away! First, we will look at the largest shredder in the world in Newport, Wales. There’s a massive tunnel boring machine that built a huge tunnel beneath Seattle and a giant bucket wheel excavator that can shred through mountains of coal in Germany. We will look at the largest wood chipper in the world and a massive car shredder in Dubai that crushes expensive supercars in mere seconds. There’s even a portable shredder that you can plug right into your computer, and an ingenious tire shredder that tears up tires in a blink of an eye. We will even look at the tiniest shredder ever made. This video is packed full of so many amazing shredders that you will have to see to believe.

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