Wow, LA Sheriff Says Mass Shooter Didn’t Use An Assault Rifle, He Used An Assault Pistol

Lunar New Year celebration shooting

Sheriff Luna clarified that the weapon used in the attack was not an “assault rifle.”

Rather, Luna said the suspect used “a magazine-fed semiautomatic assault pistol … that had an extended large-capacity magazine attached to it.”

The term “Assault Pistol” seems to be a recent addition to the gun control propaganda, and it is unclear what exactly it refers to.

The gun control lobby has previously used the term “Assault Rifle” and “Assault Weapon” to describe and demonize certain types of firearms, but these terms have been criticized by the gun community for being misleading and not accurate.

It seems that the gun control lobby is now resorting to inventing new terms to further their agenda, but it is unclear what criteria they are using to define what they call, an “Assault Pistol.”

During a press conference on Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna stated that the suspect in the shooting at a Lunar New Year celebration on Saturday night had used a semi-automatic “assault pistol”.

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