You are currently viewing Wow, Oakland Wants Citizens To Use Air Horns To Fight Criminals Due To Surge In Armed Robberies

Wow, Oakland Wants Citizens To Use Air Horns To Fight Criminals Due To Surge In Armed Robberies

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Oakland Air Horn Crime

Criminals are on a rampage in Oakland where Armed Robberies, Burglaries, & Other violent crime is up in the double figures. Believe it or not, the solution the politicians, officials, & authorities are offering is… air horns? ?

I kid you not. Join me as I unravel the mind-boggling reality of a city drowning in crime while its residents are told to fend off robbers with mere noise.

But let’s get real – this isn’t just about air horns. It’s about the consequences of voting choices, the fine line between security and chaos, and the undeniable power of self-defense.

From the naivety to the absurdity, we’re dissecting it all.

California, you voted for this, and now it’s time to face the music. I’ll break down why relying on government measures for safety is a shaky bet, especially when compared to the undeniable effectiveness of personal defense.

Buckle up and watch as we journey through this alarming reality, because in the face of crime, air horns won’t cut it – and I’ll tell you exactly why. ??

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